Small Business Owners: Building Credibility With Partners for Profits

Some people, like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Sam Walton, may not be the prettiest, richest or well-dressed person when they enter a room but they have an unmistakable aura of success swagger because they’ve really made it. As a small business owner on the way up, you can carry an aura of ‘success’ too, if a few basic tactics are followed.

In general, when a business or community leader meets you, your credibility with them hinges on five key questions?

Are you an empty suit

Do you read the right papers, websites and magazines, in your industry. Rule #1 of business networking, never ever, attend a social gathering without being ready with something to contribute to the conversation.

Watch your Language. The words a person chooses and how well people think on their feet to express themselves convey a strong impression. The ability to speak concisely yet clearly conveys a strong impression. Speak in a way right for the setting. Keep those ‘ebonic’ slang words at the house, never ‘express’ them in a business environment.

One of the fastest ways to lose credibility with a potential client, employee, investor, lender or partner, is to hold or promote that you have a ‘fraudulent educational degree’ from a unaccredited diploma mill (a degree for life experience). Once perceived trust is broken, or you become considered a ‘joke’, trust is never regained, in the business world.

Do I feel comfortable with you

Look for chances to make the right contacts and join the right groups, i.e., professional associations, clubs, charities, churches and so on. Go all out to meet the right people. Don’t be bashful.

Be personable. This means having the personality to make others feel at ease with you, upon meeting them, initially. Show your humanity, try to find out common interests to talk about. Be courteous, share a sense of humor and show humility.

At company functions be natural and conservative, you are still under the watchful eyes of leaders who may want to do business with you. Don’t be cheap. Avoid under tipping or ducking a round of drinks. Don’t order food items that can spill out of utensils or ooze(Spaghetti, donuts). Taste your food before seasoning it.

Traveling as a consultant I’ve had a few experiences, of accidental coffee spills, and donut and burger droppings in the car on the way to make a sale at the client sites. Be sure you, wear informal clothes if you eat in the car or just stop and eat inside. First impressions are lasting ones.

Are you Courteous and Professional

Try to answer emails and inquiries within 24-48 hours, with crucial assignments and influential people who can help your career. It gives the impression of being on top of the job. Do you speak to people of lesser rank than you in the hallway.

In business, the end of the month or quarter is a pressured time to make sure that company meet its projected profit forecast. Professionals should always be calm in their responses to each other, regardless of circumstances, being irrational and bullying others can cause mistakes because everyone is on edge, that may cause the team to overlook simple issues that can make the difference, in attaining the goal. Do you help others to reach there goals as you are reaching yours.

Do you Look the Part

Dress for Success. Appearance and physical presence, such as dress, grooming and body language, these add up. For appearance, dress to feel confident, remove barriers between speaker and audience and look successful at what you do. Your body language and voice tone should show that you are cool, calm, and confident at all time, not rigid. Never let them see you sweat, it show weakness.

Go for quality over quantity. Plan ahead. And dress according to what you have to do or whom you have to see. You can wear off the rack clothes, make sure its presentable and have the right colors. Prior planning prevents poor performance, layout your clothes the night before, if, you need to make an adjustment to a garment or hairstyle.

Act like you belong. Whether you’re in a boardroom or at the White House, don’t gawk (stare at objects or folks), whisper or look down.

Shake hands with people firmly, when you first meet them, it shows that you are confident in your ability. Leave the hugs for the church, charity and home, unless invited to by the person.

Look people in the eye. When you do, you automatically take the lead in a conversation. When you don’t, you’re letting someone else take the lead. Listen to what others are saying, before you comment. Don’t put your foot in your mouth (make assumptions about where the conversation is going).

Not dressing or speaking in proper protocol for the occasion, eliminates you from invitations to future events.

Honesty: Do you do what you say

Character, values and integrity. This is a matter of showing, not telling. Standing by one’s values makes a difference. What you do and what others say about you behind your back, does it tell a different story than the one you told?

Competence. Skill and a track record of results make a strong impression, but arrogance about these can have a harmful effect. What would others say about you behind your back? Can you really deliver beyond the hype?

Integrity and Consistency in performance wins out over the long run. You can be counted to deliver the solution when called upon. Dishonesty gets found out and flushed out, because its unreliable, causes unnecessary delays and detrimental surprises in reaching the goal.

I know a small business that is known for on time delivery of medical products, although small, the owner stays in business because he can be trusted to deliver. Although major companies, prefer to deal with FEDEX and UPS, it always provides small jobs for this company to do because of its reputation.

Set clear expectations with customers and deliver every time, ontime.

Avoid the Fatal Flaw

Business Leaders are looking for members to team with to help them win. The motto of the day is ‘Teamwork that makes the Dreamwork’.

Don’t be pretentious, untrustworthy, or obnoxious, because you’ll make people think you’re manipulating the situation. It’s tough to get ahead when you know everything and people can’t stand or trust you.

Credibility is usually lost when what you do or say is unreliable and your behavior is unpredictable.

ACN Multi Level Marketing Business: An Inside Look

If you are thinking about beginning your personal ACN Multi Level Marketing business then take a few minutes to read this article as you are going to find it valuable.

Starting your own home business could possibly be just what you and your family need to finally take control of your time and finances. But if done incorrectly it could also be a full waste time, energy and cash.

So what exactly are those things that tends to make such a difference? What do you need to know to guarantee you may make a considerable income using the ACN multilevel marketing model. Let’s take a closer look.

An Evaluation of the Company

The ACN business model is not totally distinct from other network marketing systems. The company delivers a wide range of well-liked consumable products that the majority of ordinary people use each day.

All you have to do earn commissions is promote these products to people you know and others you identify as wanting or are in need of them. To build a strong business you will want to go on and recruit a team of other people from whose sales you will also earn commissions.

As a company the ACN multi level marketing business is doing very nicely. ACN (American Communication Network) sells internet services, telecommunications services, wireless, and utilities. It is also rated in the list of the top 20 direct marketing companies in the United states by the Direct Promoting Association.

ACN was founded in 1992 by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano and two twin brothers Mike and Tony Cupisz. The network marketing side of the business was officially launched in 1993 with 20 founding front line distributors. It has because grown to serve 23 countries ranging from North America, Europe, Asia along with the Pacific.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that this business opportunity is appropriate for you.

The Business Plan Revealed

Even if you only realize the basic fundamentals of business you understand that in order to get a business to make money, they should sell products. In order for an independent distributor to earn income and make a living you will have to do exactly the same – sell products.

Have you thought about how you will go about promoting ACN’s particularly specialized menu of services? Keep in mind, in order to create an excellent living you are going to need to sell a lot of them!

Behind each and every network marketing opportunity is the promise of earning a long-term residual income by creating a sizable team of distributors. From this team you, will earn a little commission off of their time and work.

The concept is that each team member will do a bit of work which will altogether add up as a large volume of sales. This sounds excellent in theory, nevertheless, does this realistically happen?

Promoting your Opportunity

Most people who get involved in MLM do not make their initial investment back. The reason for this is not because the business, services or compensation plans are flawed.

The main reason is not obtaining the sales or marketing training to effectively promote and convert to sales. This lack of training can hold you back because simply put MLM (multi level marketing) is really a direct marketing business.

To combat this problem once you join MLM companies advise you to make a list of all the people you know – family, friends, co-workers,associates, colleagues, etc. You will then need to contact the people on your list to introduce the products, services and business opportunity.

This tends to make sense. But what occurs once you run out of the people on your list? Now what?

Learning the best way to market properly and effectively may be the crucial to creating a lucrative ACN multi level marketing business. When burn through your list of family friends and colleagues you need to have a plan in place to consistently obtain new people to introduce your business to.

Not planning to do this can cause failure in your business and shattering your dreams. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Revealed: Top 3 Reasons Preventing Business Innovation in Australia

Deloitte Private has released a new report identifying 3 of reasons business innovation in Australia may be slower then in other economies. The Deloitte report indicates that innovation may be slower in Australia because of lack of corporate and government support, access to capital and a culture that is afraid of risk.

Deloitte partner Josh Tanchel, who coordinated the report named “Startups: Playing it Safe is the Biggest Risk” said that the panelists who took part in the report unanimously agreed about the potential and presence of innovation in Australia, but said Australia needed to get better at commercialization.

Pete Cooper, founder of SydStart, Australias largest tech start-up event; BlueChilli founder Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin, the executive general manager at the Commonwealth Bank Kelly Bayer Rosmarin; Lisa Messenger, publisher of renegade COLLECTIVE and Southern Cross Venture Partners founder Bill Bartee, where the five leaders from Australia’s start-up community that took part in the panel.

All of the panellists saw greater opportunity for Australian innovation to move forwards and to change the ways we do things. They weren’t saying there was a lack of business innovation in Australia, but that we needed to be better at commercialising that innovation”

Tanchel has been quoted saying “The attitude in the US is that failure is part of the entrepreneurial journey”. He said “Australia’s attitude to risk and failure is a major issue and Australia needs to catch up with this approach”.

Business innovation is limited because of the Australian culture, when you have failed you are perceived to have a black mark against your name. It tends to hold Australian entrepreneurs back because they are less likely to go for global ideas and settle on targeting a smaller niche. This is holding business innovation in Australia back because our entrepreneurs don’t want to fail.

This issue affects the entire business landscape in Australia and has a direct influence on the economy. Tanchel says corporate and governments need to step up to the issue and support business innovation in Australia.

Business Innovation in Australia doesn’t have to be all about taking risk, the government could step in and support investment in structured, de-risking programs like incubators and business hubs.

Tanchel’s report also indicates the importance for business innovation in Australia to support more women founders.

We need to work out a way to get more women into the sector, as that’s another huge opportunity for this country to grow.”